Industrial Construction

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H.B. Neild offers a full range of expert services in industrial construction. We understand the concerns of our industrial clients and work diligently to maintain the safest, most efficient, and productive projects possible. Our established reputation reflects our proven safety record, financial stability, professional organization, skilled craftsmen, knowledge, and integrity.

Our core values and beliefs include providing a quality product safely, on time, and within budget. No matter the size or location, or whether it’s complex mega-projects or routine maintenance assignments, we apply the same attention to detail and performance to uphold our core principles in all we do.

H.B. Neild has been best-in-class for almost 90 years, providing services to industrial clients throughout Texas and Louisiana—including refineries, chemical plants, pulp and paper facilities, tank and storage facilities, mid-stream facilities, and more. This is the result of our attention to detail in everything we do from planning to execution and safety at every step. We take great pride in our efforts to maintain the best possible safety program, and it serves as a guiding pillar of our operations.  This all adds up in how we deliver success to the process, the client, and the project.

From ground-up construction of critical building projects within your facilities gates, to renovations, retrofits, and rehabilitation of existing structures, H.B. Neild has the unrivaled ability and skilled labor force to complete the task at hand safely and efficiently. By offering turnkey design and construction solutions for complex situations and locations, our clients are able to benefit from expeditious product delivery with minimal owner oversight.

You can count on H.B. Neild to confidently assemble highly professional, results-driven teams to manage your projects from FEED narrative and design, to ground breaking and occupancy.

Control Buildings / Computer / Server Rooms

Control buildings and server rooms form the command center of most modern industrial facilities. We understand the importance of the structures and build accordingly to accommodate them. Our extensive expertise in control buildings at industrial sites and dedicated project teams can make a qualitative difference that save time and money, especially for mega-projects and large-scale operations.

Laboratory Facilities

Many of our industrial clients take pride in their state-of-the-art laboratories and research facilities. We start them off right by constructing these facilities as needed to their exact specifications. H.B. Neild has constructed labs for some of the largest, most renowned and well-respected names in the industry all along the Texas and Louisiana Gulf industrial corridor.

Blast Resistant Structures

Through natural and man-made causes, we know that accidents happen and that it is imperative that when they do occur, they do not compromise the overall integrity and safety of the facility itself. That is why we utilize the best and latest technology for constructing blast resistant structures. H.B. Neild is also a recognized leader in the development and implementation of structural retrofitting of existing facilities to meet engineered blast leading requirements.

Warehouse & Maintenance Facilities

To be competitive in the marketplace, productive industrial sites need the warehouse space to store raw materials and ready to ship products. They also need functional maintenance space to keep the facilities running strong and smoothly. H.B. Neild can build your industrial facility with these goals in mind to maximize and enhance your warehouse and maintenance capabilities. Efficiency, accuracy, and attentiveness are the difference with H.B. Neild industrial warehouse and maintenance facility construction.

Structure Foundations

It is crucial that you are able to depend on the foundation upon which your structure is resting. We realize this and our customers can rest assured that their valuable capital asset is constructed on a strong and secure foundation.

With a team that has knowledge in foundations ranging from deep shaft building foundation to unit and tank foundations, pipe rack foundations and more, you can trust your project will be constructed to stand up to the weight and stresses of time.

Pulp/Paper & Mill Facilities

Plywood and stud mill facilities come with their own important, unique set of requirements. Our customers can count on us to construct nothing but the best.

Docking & Transit Shed Facilities

Docking and transit shed facilities call for not only strength and quality but also accessibility and convenience. HB Neild is up to the task of updating these docking facilities. For years, we’ve provided the construction and maintenance for sizeable projects and industry-best companies in docking and transit shed facilities. Our practical and sound construction is your advantage.

Railroad office & Yard Facilities

Railroads provide a fundamental transit network for countless industries throughout the country. We will build your railroad office and yard facilities in a way that allows you to capitalize on this vital resource.

Remodeling & Renovation

HB Neild is ready to help you breathe new life into your industrial facility with remodeling and renovation. We will give your facility a sharp new look while boosting its efficiency and value.

Waste Water Treatment Facilities

Waste water treatment facilities function to safely remove pollutants from water, protect the environment, and keep your company within EPA regulations. A great deal is riding on these facilities and HB Neild takes that seriously and will provide you with nothing but the best.

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