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Family-owned and operated since 1932

Four generations in construction

Commitment to quality and honesty

Quality and Honesty in the Construction Industry

H.B. Neild has been here since 1932 providing the Gulf Coast with quality work while making safety a priority. Honesty & integrity have always been maintained at the forefront of all our business relationships to keep our clients’ needs a priority.

Setbacks including project delays, busted budgets, miscommunication, substandard work, and poor-quality materials.

Hidden fees, inaccurate quotes, or miscommunication between clients and contractors will make it difficult to instill the confidence you deserve in your build team.

H.B. Neild’s Culture of Solution

At H.B. Neild Construction, we prioritize quality work and honest business dealings in every project we take on.

Our commitment to excellence has been passed down through four generations of our family, and we believe that every building we construct is a small portion of our heritage. We specialize in large-scale commercial and industrial construction projects, including blast-resistant structures, laboratories, and administration buildings for petrochemical clients, as well as municipal buildings, schools, churches, and retail buildings for commercial clients.

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Building a Legacy of Quality Work and Honest Business Dealings

At H.B. Neild, we firmly believe that the success of your business relies on having a facility that perfectly meets your distinctive requirements. We understand that navigating the construction process can be a daunting task, plagued by unforeseen setbacks and financial difficulties that can leave you feeling helpless.

We are committed to ensuring that your construction project is a collaborative effort, rather than a struggle with contractors. We acknowledge the enormous impact that such projects have on your business and therefore prioritize transparent communication throughout the entire process. Our ultimate objective is to minimize your stress and complete your project on schedule and within your budget.

If you are ready to take charge of your business’s future and no longer wish to feel constrained, reach out to H.B. Neild today and let us help you realize your vision with confidence.