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H.B. Neild is committed to providing superior quality and value for commercial projects. We understand that the bottom line matters in commercial real estate construction, and we make it our responsibility to provide the confident leadership to deliver the mission and execute vision.

At H.B. Neild, we combine our extensive knowledge and work ethic with time-saving technology to produce the best results, time and time again.

Our team plans and executes projects efficiently, meet all building codes and regulations, and we emphasize safety and professionalism at every turn. It is of utmost importance to our team that we meet all of our customers’ specifications.

From our corporate headquarters in Southeast Texas, we have built establishments, structures, and large service centers of some of the most well-known and respected brands here in the Greater Beaumont and Houston areas, all across Texas, Louisiana, and the Gulf Coast. Our commercial construction includes restaurants, cafes, banks, credit unions, hospitals, churches, schools, college buildings, apartments, high-rise office buildings, grocery stores, retail shops, shopping malls and more.

Trust your next commercial building project to the only large-scale team built on dependability, integrity, and almost 90 years of results-driven success: H.B. Neild.


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Banking / Credit Union Financial Centers

Banks and credit unions often have specific construction needs based around security. H.B. Neild’s experience in building financial institutions of all sizes and locations is your advantage. Trust H.B. Neild to drive and lead your construction as we’ll confidently meet and exceed all expectations.

Medical Facilities / Hospitals

Medical facilities and hospitals call for top level safety, efficiency, and quality because lives may depend on it. We make every project a priority. Our work in hospitals, medical wings, medical centers, and hospital offices extends for decades of success that we’re proud to stand behind.

Office Buildings

We know that for the work force who will inhabit them, office buildings often become like a second home. That is why we emphasize quality construction, safety, and efficiency. Our design, construction, and attention to detail make all the difference. From traditional office buildings to open concepts with modern amenities, H.B. Neild does it all.

Airports/Terminals & Hangar Facilities

Airports provide major transportation hubs and in order to operate effectively they must be constructed in a way that is both very safe and efficient. H.B. Neild recognizes the critical needs and we ensure that these requirements are satisfied.

Shopping Centers & Retail Facilities

We maximize space, quality, and efficiency in all of our shopping center and retail facility projects because we understand how crucial this is to the overall success of the business that will be inhabiting the building. H.B. Neild works smart to maximize space and optimize resources, and our shopping mall and retail center construction projects consistently hit every deliverable and exceed expectations.

Grocery Stores

We are experienced and especially skilled when it comes to constructing grocery stores that are welcoming and appealing to customers and that also meet all of the storage and display needs of the business. With our expertise, we can provide unparalleled leadership and direction to ensure quality, dependability, and aesthetic appeal for traditional and contemporary stores.

Hotel / Motel

Hotels and motels ultimately become people’s homes away from home, and many people expect them to be even nicer and more efficient than their actual homes. H.B. Neild is up to the challenge of constructing these quality buildings for overall efficiency, quality, and aesthetics. Our heavy-duty experience, hard work, and insight have produced large scale hotels all throughout Southeast Texas.

Warehouse Facilities

H.B. Neild realizes that a solid warehouse is much more than just a big, empty, open building. We construct our customers’ warehouse facilities with a detailed eye and dedication to meeting each of their requirements.


For a restaurant to be successful it must not only look great, but run efficiently as well, and much of that goes back to the initial construction. We start our restaurant clients off in the right direction by a consultative approach that accounts for spatial efficiency and scheduled progress points that only experience can handle. H.B. Neild knows the equipment, tools, and talent in restaurant construction, and we are proud to have built truly outstanding restaurants throughout Southeast Texas.

Automobile Sales & Service Facilities

The automotive showroom floor has become a symbol of great display and marketing. However, in order to be effective, the building, and its accompanying service facilities, have to be built right. Our team builds the best because we know the details to look for, and it’s our experience that produces winning results.

Remodeling & Renovation

Remodeling and renovating a commercial business is a great way to give it a fresh image and help the company resonate with new and potential customers. H.B. Neild strives to make your renovation a complete success in both form and function. We have renovated kitchens, offices, and more with budgets ranging from small to grand. We make it work. Period.

Historical Preservation

For commercial projects that involve historical preservation there is often an extra layer of concern because the rich legacy of the structure is typically quite literally irreplaceable. Rest assured that with H.B. Neild your historic preservation project will receive the care and attention to detail that it needs.

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