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Our Founder, H.B. Neild HB Neild & Son Offices

H.B. Neild & Sons Construction was formed in 1932 in Beaumont, Texas.

Our founder, H.B. Neild, was an immigrant from Liverpool who came to America with drive, tenacity, and vision. What started as a family business became an enduring legacy of excellence in large-scale commercial and industrial construction.

H.B. Neild & Sons, Inc. grew in size and expanded in service areas over the decades. The business has grown into a multi-generational company with each of the four generations (which include (2) John A. Neild, Sr. and William B. Neild, (3) John A. Neild Jr. and Thomas B. Neild Sr., (4) Thomas B. Neild, Jr., Taylor S. Neild, Sr. and Annie Neild-Howell) contributing to H.B. Neild’s vision of quality work and honest business dealings.

The company is a product of the hard work, tireless effort, and time-honored commitment by generations of employees and their families, who share the Neild family’s belief that every project must be of the highest quality and view every building constructed as a small portion of their heritage.

Today, H.B. Neild is active throughout multiple segments of the construction industry all along the Gulf Coast, specializing in Industrial Construction and large-scale commercial and institutional construction projects. Industry leading petrochemical clients turn to HB Neild for our extensive experience in heavy-duty, highly-skilled construction within plants and refineries for blast resistant structures, laboratories, control buildings, and administration buildings while commercial clients trust our experience and skill for their municipal buildings, schools, churches, retail buildings and other commercial structures.

We build every project with the same values and principles that support our number one, original promise from our founder: Quality.

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