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Institutions form the bedrock of our society from churches, schools, and athletic programs to health facilities, and public resources. They provide a way to maintain public well-being and education. H.B. Neild knows how fundamental institutions are to our city, our county, our state, and even our nation’s prosperity.  It is why we offer a full range of expert construction services carefully designed to maximize and enhance the quality and function of the institution as well as bring deserved aesthetic attention and honor its beauty, inside and out.

Institutions such as these encompass legacy and connect our past to our future. With H.B. Neild, these institutions are built to last. We also emphasize safety and take pride in the integrity of work. We will design and construct each of the following types of institutions to the needs of our clients.

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Religious institutions nurture our society’s spiritual needs. They serve as homes for family faith and worship. They even serve as iconic pillars in the community, reflecting the values and beliefs through architecture and structure. This level of responsibility and accuracy comes with special set of construction requirements that H.B. Neild knows well. Typically, religious-related buildings will need to blend a sacred environment with a comforting one, and they will need to be both beautiful and artistic as well as functional and efficient. H.B. Neild has built some of the most visible churches and worship centers in Southeast Texas. We take the time, the process, and the people into every consideration with every square inch.

  • Sanctuaries– H.B. Neild wants the opportunity to work with your church on its next sanctuary project. We can help you capture a traditional, peaceful, meditative, contemporary, or lively atmosphere, and anything in between.
  • Chapels– Chapels often comprise the day to day gathering places of many churches and we are ready and waiting to construct or remodel a chapel that will feel inviting and comforting to your daily congregation.
  • Cathedrals– Around the world cathedrals are some of the most beautiful and cherished architectural wonders. H.B. Neild wants to help you create your own masterpiece that your faith community can be proud of.
  • Family Life Centers– In our bustling modern world, family life centers have never been more important or more needed than they are today. H.B. Neild & Sons can help your church construct these core, community-building centers.

Educational Facilities

The future of the nation and our very way of life as a society depends on the success of our educational facilities. In the construction and renovation business we may not be able to directly educate tomorrow’s leaders in their core curriculum, but we are honored and eager to be able to build schools, learning centers, and educational facilities that will be comfortable, functional, and safe. We want to help create a space where your teachers and administrators can foster that all important sense of wonder and curiosity in students.

Elementary through University

H.B. Neild is experienced in construction and renovation projects for all academic levels. Whether your project is for an elementary school, high school, or university we can adapt to your needs and provide you with exemplary service. Our experience can be seen from communities, downtown areas, small towns and large cities all along Southeast Texas. Efficiency matters, and we are proud to lead the way time and time again.

Athletic Facilities

Athletic facilities help keep millions of Americans, young and old, alike, active and healthy. These facilities almost always come with a unique set of construction needs that are specialized to various sports and activities. H.B. Neild is eager to construct your athletic facility to the highest level of quality while meeting all building codes and project requirements.

  • Stadiums– Stadiums must be high capacity, comfortable, and built to last. We understand that and embrace these challenges.
  • Football / Soccer / Lacrosse/ Rugby / Field Hockey fields– Each of these fields differ in subtle (and not so subtle) ways. Combination fields must be versatile and functional all while providing the aesthetic appeal that represents the team well. We bring the best in every plan and execution for fields such as these.
  • Natatorium / Natatoria– Swimming is an excellent activity—both for recreation and competition—that requires particular specs in construction. H.B. Neild wants to design and construct your next natatorium.
  • Track & Field Stadium– Track & Field stars represent the best and most impressive forms of athletic ability, and their stadiums must be built accordingly. From school tracks to high-level competition tracks and field arenas, H.B. Neild does it all. We know the proper approach to get it done right and with speed and efficiency—appropriate for the sports and athletes as well as the fans.
  • Baseball + Softball Complex– Baseball and Softball are America’s favorite pastimes and nothing but the best for these complexes would ever suffice. We’ve built outstanding stadiums, fields, and complexes and our years of accomplishments in this area of construction can work to your advantage.
  • Gymnasiums (basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer)– Gymnasiums allow athletes to train and compete year-round, regardless of weather so certain parameters must be accounted for in construction. We will build and renovate these facilities to meet the specialized requirements their sports and activities call for.
  • Tennis Courts– Tennis is a fun, excellent workout made more enjoyable by a great tennis court and other ancillary buildings and structures. The materials, the angles, and the precision all matter for tennis courts. We put our years of experience to work to make the right balance of practicality and form.
  • Weight Lifting / Workout rooms / Locker Rooms / Fitness Clubs– These specialized rooms must be high quality and space efficient. They also often call for above average ventilation and drainage systems. Let H.B. Neild handle the heavy lifting in the construction or renovation of these important facilities.

Mental Health Facilities (MHMR) / Cancer Treatment Centers

Mental health facilities must strike an important balance between comfort and healing as well as security and safety. By the same token cancer treatment centers often call for highly specialized, advanced equipment, but also require a personal, soothing touch. H.B. Neild understands these complex needs and is ready to assemble a top-notch team for their construction or renovation.

Municipal Swimming Pools

Municipal swimming pools must be able to last decades and accommodate the needs of dozens or even hundreds of people at once safely and comfortably. It’s a tall order, but H.B. Neild up the challenge with our attention to detail and material acumen.

Park & Recreation Facilities

Park & Recreation Facilities offer an important opportunity for people, often city dwellers, to interact and enjoy the beauty of nature. We realize that to best do this the facilities must be modern, but also in harmony with their surroundings.

Health Clinics

Health clinics provide medical care for those who need it most. We will construct or renovate these facilities to be in accordance with all regulations and guidelines and we will strive to make them as comfortable yet as efficient as possible.

Remodel & Renovation

H.B. Neild is always enthusiastic about the chance to remodel or renovate an institutional facility because it is a way to breathe fresh life into a cherished and important institution.

Historical Renovation

We realize that historic renovation comes with its own important set of requirements and challenges in order to preserve as much of the historical aspects as possible while protecting and preserving it for the future.

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